VTL Background & History

When considering the relaunch of Vivid Talk™ Radio, Gwen Witherspoon wasn't sure how she wanted to proceed. Host it alone, or find another co-host? With the growth of live streaming, the opportunity to produce a broadcast-quality video program was irresistible. Venturing into that arena creates an opportunity to leverage technology and experience to build a truly interactive coaching experience for visionary entrepreneurs.


The complete Vivid TalkLIVE concept is still under development. The Fall 2017 launch will be preceded by the following:

  • Relaunch of the weekly Vivid TalkRadio
  • Launch of vividtalkradio.com
  • Soliciting Corporate Sponsors
  • Identifying Contributors & Collaborators
  • Launch of vividmag.online
  • Identifying Industry Partners
  • Development of 4, 6, 12-month Content Calendars
  • Audience Development – with consistent content, partner relationships, social promotions, and email marketing automation
  • Redesign of vividtalk.live
  • Pre-Season Production – selfie live streaming videos by hosts, interview promo clips


  • Vivid Talk™ LIVE
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