VTR Background & History

After the successful launch of Vivid Talk™ Radio (VTR) in 2013, Gwen Witherspoon relaunched in 2017 with a new team of co-hosts. Designed as a weekly coaching conversation, Vivid Talk™ Radio features visionaries at every stage of business. We learn about their backgrounds, their trials, and their triumphs to get a glimpse of their visionary lifestyle. Though hosted on Blogtalk Radio, Vividtalkradio.com is the portal for all VTR content.


Vivid TalkRadio was founded in January of 2013. It was hosted by Gwen Witherspoon and Leanne Albert, business partners in Glassworks Dream Boutique–a business coaching and marketing firm (now Adam Red). They provided coaching for the dreamer and marketing services to make the dream work.

Vivid Talk™ Radio was a weekly coaching conversation that became a featured Blogtalk Radio show in just five weeks. Their audience grew from 27 listeners for the first episode to over 1200 per week in that time. Though the show was produced live every week, 99% of their audience listened on demand.

When their business relationship ended after 10 months on the air, the show was inactive until the summer of 2017. Gwen was trying to determine if she wanted to relaunch the show as the sole host, or if she wanted to identify another co-host. After seeing an ad on Facebook for broadcast quality live streaming video production, it was Gwen’s intention to replace Vivid Talk™ Radio with Vivid Talk™ LIVE.

Visionary conversations with Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin inspired Gwen to invite Dr. Jada to be a co-host, but developing Vivid Talk™ LIVE would require more equipment, training, and time. So, it only made sense to relaunch Vivid Talk™ Radio.

Vivid Talk™ Radio relaunched on July 19, 2017 with the following changes:

  • Gwen Witherspoon, Better Life Coach as the Host
  • Co-hosts Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin, Wellness Coach and Katherine Jordan, Lifestyle Coach
  • Launch of vividtalkradio.com – includes blog, banner advertising, and media kit
  • Coach on Call Live Chat
  • Pre-recorded Production
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